T-Mobile Apple iPad Tablet Release Date, Price and Tariffs

Of the topic about the new Apple (AAPL) iPhone 4G for a little bit we have found some good information about the T-Mobile Apple iPad Tablet Release Date, Price and Tariffs.

ITProPortal reports that Media Markt has published a tweet on their Twitter account revealing Apple has said the iPad Tablet will be available March 1st on a T-Mobile contract for 499 Euros, if you wish to purchase the new Apple Tablet device without contract you will be looking at 899 Euros.

Apparently and according to the tweet the T-Mobile Complete L package for 120 Euros will offer you unlimited internet, unlimited minutes, 100 MMS, 3000 SMS with a free iPhone thrown in, now if that is the case then this would be pretty respectable, but as a standalone tablet at the price above do you think it is a little expensive.

How much would you like the new Apple iPad Tablet price to be? Would you pay the price above if correct? We will keep you posted.


7 thoughts on “T-Mobile Apple iPad Tablet Release Date, Price and Tariffs”

  1. After finding out this is a fake tweet, already been reported that Media Markt does not own this twitter account, The price seems to high, well i hope it is, for a product like this to sell to the market shares. Here’s hoping apple place a more effective price on it.

  2. RNewman says:

    I think the price is too high, especially if you have to pay for 3g too. Hopefully, Apple will realize that and adjust it when the iPad is available for sale. I would love to have one, but….and I am a true Apple kind of girl! (I have the iPhone, iPod Touch, 2 iMacs, and an 80gb iPod Classic) I’ve been researching to purchase an ebook reader and awaiting this product, but was hoping the price would be close to the price of the Sony or the Kindle readers. I’m taking a wait and see attitude on this one!

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