Verizon will carry Tablet; will they be iPhone 4G partners?

Steve Jobs, here is a question for you sir “If Verizon is to carry the all new tablet, will they also be iPhone 4G partners?” well apparently and according to an article over at 9to5Mac there is a possibility.

Tomorrow is Wednesday 27th and yes the Apple (AAPL) Event will have us on the edge of our seats, it seems pretty obvious that the Tablet will be mentioned a lot by Steve Jobs and that Verizon will be the major carrier, it is surely obvious that Verizon will be an iPhone partner also.

We say that Verizon will be on the iPhone train but not until the AT&T exclusivity ends, actually we are wondering if this will be mentioned at the event tomorrow; could Steve Jobs talk about ending the exclusivity deal with AT&T at the event.

So Steve Jobs “Will you announce and introduce the all new Verizon iPhone?” come on it is all Verizon users wish to hear. Guess we will all have to wait until June when the AT&T exclusivity ends or unless Mr Jobs mentions it tomorrow.


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