Google & T-Mobile Nexus One 3G Problems, Fix is Coming

The Google Nexus One smartphone was released earlier this month but not without its 3G problems on the T-Mobile network, many complaints have come in but rest assured there is a fix coming soon.

Nexus One users have been reporting problems about 3G connections and indeed the lack of 3G connection on the device, Google and T-Mobile has said they are aware of this problem and was looking into it but hopefully the new fix will sort this issue out.

The main problem was down to a software error, this error was found in the smartphone’s 3G radio, which means there is not hardware problems, so a quick software fix will do the job. 3G speeds are pretty slow and this could be down to the T-Mobile small 3G footprint according to Mobile Guerilla.

As soon as Google has released the software update we will let you know, in the meantime if you have any complaints please let us know in the comments area below.


One thought on “Google & T-Mobile Nexus One 3G Problems, Fix is Coming”

  1. Joe Open Source says:

    Google is keeping their customers in the dark, They are blaming T-Mobile for a defective Alpha phone.

    Go to Google’s Nexus One help forum and get the real deal on how bad this phone is

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