Brooke Mueller Recants Domestic Abuse After 911 Call

Apparently it has been reported that the wife of Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller, recanted her account of domestic abuse after her 911 call, however according to an article over on hotfreez, Mueller’s lawyer says that isn’t so.

Apparently Mueller’s lawyer is stating that Brooke did not recant her story which she told the cops on Christmas Day but she did ‘minimise’ the account much like many wives do when realising their hubby could be thrown in jail.

Yale Galanter also says that his client didn’t realise Charlie Sheen would be arrested after she called 911, and claims that Mueller ‘soft-pedalled’ her story to a woman cop hours after the 911 call, but insists she didn’t recant.

Galanter also stated that he is to file papers with the Aspen court asking a judge to allow Mueller and Sheen to resume contact.

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