Chasing the Nexus One HTC Supersonic Wimax Android

We have all heard about the Google Nexus One which is reportedly still the most advanced smartphone out there at the moment haven’t we?

Well the question is just how long will it stay in pole position. Something is creeping up on the inside and gaining fast, the HTC Supersonic which is believed to be Sprint’s new WiMax Android smartphone.

Over the past few days people have expected that the Supersonic will be an Android version of the HTC HD2, and even over at Unwired View they managed to obtain a photo of the device in its glory.

Now we have even more information for you. It will have the HD2’s 1 Ghz processor and 1GB of internal space but the screen will be rather different. The Supersonic wont have the same 4.3 LCD screen, instead it will have a 4.3 OLED screen. No information yet on prices or availability yet but will let you know as soon as we do. Source – i4u.com

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