Windows Mobile Overhaul and WinMo 7 by September

As we are all aware the smartphone world out there is flourishing big time, and of course with that comes the battle to be at the top.

Each rival manufacturer desperately trying to grab their bit of the market. The main players in that game are companies such as Apple, Nokia and Microsoft.

Originally being merely black and white pa’s, the windows mobile range has been around for a while and eventually they have caught up with BlackBerry. The technology though has become very dated and although has been modified and given some updates until now it seems.

Microsoft claim that they are recoding their whole set up and hope to get WinMo 7 out for us in September this year. The coding is in the final stages and should be with us in the summer. If you didn’t already know LG have let it slip that they will be launching a Windows 7 Mobile in September. So things are looking up for Microsoft.
Source – crenk.com

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