AT&T gets help from 3.1million iPhones

Closer than we thought and just after Apple’s first quarter results comes AT&T’s fourth quarter results.

Thanks again to the very much in the media iPhone as it has once again helped the US carrier paint a very nice picture which includes some 3.1 millions new iPhone activations.

This is the second highest quarterly total to date for AT&T and more than a third of those activations are from customers who are new to AT&T. The average ARPU (average revenue per user) for the integrated devices on AT&T network continues to be around 1.8 times that of the non integrated device base.

This number is a very important one for AT&T and even with complaints about service in some cities such as New York and San Francisco the iPhone users continue not only to use but to pay for a lot of data. Source – theiphoneblog.com

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