CLIQ Gets 1.3.8 Update and Motorola Takes it Away

Well now here’s something of a cock up on Motorola’s part. It would appear that 1.3.8 software update was made available to some Motorola CLIQ handsets, although only available for a short period of time before being snatched back by Motorola.

Last month the Motorola CLIQ saw an official update that delivered better touch screen accuracy, improved cellular connectivity and improved battery life, and then it is followed by this leaked update reports an article over on intomobile.

There’s no word on what update 1.3.8 delivered to the Motorola CLIQ, how many CLIQ users actually received the update, how it slipped out in the first place or why Motorola simply just didn’t let it out fully rather than dragging it back.

So anyone with a Motorola CLIQ manage to get update 1.3.8? If so feel free to share any difference you may have noticed by dropping us a comment.


2 thoughts on “CLIQ Gets 1.3.8 Update and Motorola Takes it Away”

  1. There are many differences actually. The touch screen has improved so much more since the last update. There is also a significant difference in Battery Life. There is also a new App in the app drawer called Manage Sim Card (does what it says). There is also a MotoBlur “Setup” widget added as well. There is also a “Double Tap” feature added that currently opens your choice of either “Voice Search”, “Messaging”, “Dialer”, “Map”, “Contacts” or “Camera”. Overall this update rocks. Just wondering why they didn’t keep the update released.

    Overall Improvements:

    1. Touch Screen Calibration is nearly Flawless now.
    2. “Double Tap” feature to Home button was added.
    3. MotoBlur “Setup” Widget Added
    4. Battery Life improved (A WHOLE HELL OF A LOT)

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