Apple iPad Price: Is iPhone cheaper option?

Well now Apple has announced their latest creation, the iPad, and along with said announcement Apple revealed some pricing for the device according to an article over on Crave.

The pricing goes like this…a 16GB version with WiFi costs $499, a 32GB version $599 and a 64GB model for $699. If you also require some 3G goodness with your iPad you’ll need to add an additional $130.

So if you take the top model of 64GB with WiFi and 3G it will cost some $829, which is quite a substantial amount, which leads to the question, would it be cheaper to opt for the iPhone?

The iPhone can be expensive but there are many ways to get one cheaper, and in all honestly the iPhone offers just as much as the iPad with the exception of a larger display, so is there really a need for the iPad when if you already have a laptop and iPhone, doesn’t the combination of the two make the iPad somewhat redundant?

Of course if you are endowed with an abundance of cash then you could always opt to have your desktop, laptop, iPhone and still purchase that iPad, but personally I think if you have the iPhone which is probably a cheaper option then why bother with the iPad. What do you think?

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