Can AT&T Improve Network to Handle iPhone and iPad?

Now we all know about the problems the iPhone has been having on AT&T’s network, with slow data services, poor signal in certain cities dropped calls and the like. iPhone users have been gripping about it for donkeys.

Well according to an article over on the Telegraph, Apple boss, Tim Cook has said AT&T is working hard to get their network up to scratch, and that Apple has ‘high confidence’ AT&T will make significant progress.

Whether AT&T does manage to sort out their network problems, most believe AT&T will lose their exclusivity over the iPhone sometime this year and it is only a matter of time Apple open up the iPhone to other carriers in the US like in Europe, with Verizon being tipped as a favourite.

Besides sorting their network out for the iPhone, AT&T needs to drastically improve their data network if they are going to handle the new Apple iPad, but I can see the iPad will probably experience the same problems as the iPhone on AT&T.

Still, AT&T promises to improve their network to handle the iPhone, but with the iPad as well maybe it will all be a bit too much for them to handle, what do you think?

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