New iPhone 4G 2010 Launch: Still a big possibility

We got the Apple iPhone 4G 2010 launch so wrong like many other sites out there, but we do not mind admitting our mistake.

It was so disappointing not hearing anything at all about the fourth-generation iphone, it would have been good news but when you look at it now would Apple really launch two products at the same time; not a chance in hell and we was blind to see that.

But do not count the iPhone 4G out just yet, there are still plenty of opportunities to launch it, how about the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) that is scheduled for June 8 to June 12, or what about the chance of Apple holding another press event.

Normally each year a new iPhone is released in July in the UK, this means there is plenty of time to excite us once again. We do not believe for one second that Apple will totally skip out this year.

Do you think that the all new iPhone 4G 2010 launch is still on the cards? Please let us know by voting below and what your thoughts are, we value your comments.

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2 thoughts on “New iPhone 4G 2010 Launch: Still a big possibility”

  1. i voted for “Maybe”.. yet gives more weight on “they should”, bcoz unless they launch the new product that’ll eventually be giving away the MKT share to the competitors and gives the impression that apple’s sitting far behind,, for the time.. meaning to be a follower.

    Competitors are already busy for launching the news. Apple’s gotta do something.

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