Apple iPad loses against new iPhone 4G: 1,111 Votes says so

We wanted to know an answer to a question, which was “Do you want Apple Tablet or new iPhone 4G 2010?” well the outcome is most interesting to say the least.

Our poll we started earlier has given us a clear outlook on, which device out of the iPhone 4G and new iPad would be most popular. Well so far there have been 1,230 total voters where 90.0% (1,111 Votes) went toward “iPhone 4G Please”, 8.0% (100 Votes) went to “Apple Tablet Please” and 2.0% (19 Votes) went to “None of the above”.

One reader said: I think the new apple ipad is really lame. It’s just a larger ipod touch that does the same thing, but also acts like an external hard drive for transferring purchases, music, and photos to iphones/ipods. It’s really not worth the money for it when you could buy a used laptop and a brand new iphone and have the same set up right there. I just don’t understand the point of the new ipad. Sam is right people do want the in your pocket system that is mobile and easy to use. The ipad is probably a good thing if you’re sitting at home without a computer for your ipod and that’s about it.

Please let us know what you think, why not even vote yourself. If you have anything to say please do so by using the comments area below.


2 thoughts on “Apple iPad loses against new iPhone 4G: 1,111 Votes says so”

  1. Waylo says:

    If they made the ipad more than just an ipod touch, it would be worth the money. Version 1 of this device has nothing in it that an ipod touch can’t already do. Why Apple did you drop the ball so badly on this one?

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