Poll: Do you want Apple Tablet or new iPhone 4G 2010?

We would like to run a little poll to see if you would prefer the all new Apple Tablet aka (iSlate, iTablet, iPad) well it will be one of these, or you would much prefer the all new Apple iPhone 4G.

Today is Wednesday 27th and it will be one of the biggest days of 2010, yes the Apple Event kicks off today and Steve Jobs will be launching the all new Tablet but we are hoping that other announcements will be made, such as an all new iPhone (Hopefully a 4G one) and of course something about OS 4.0 will be good.

We are about mobile phones/smartphones and anything in the way of telecoms, apps, specification and much more but we do have to mention about the Tablet because it is basically a beefed-up version of the iPhone with a little more power.

I will stop banging on now as we will be covering a lot later on in the day when the Apple Event kicks off, whilst you wait please do vote below using our poll system and answer this one question “Do you want Apple Tablet or new iPhone 4G 2010?”

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13 thoughts on “Poll: Do you want Apple Tablet or new iPhone 4G 2010?”

  1. Sam says:

    An Apple Tablet no doubt would be cool but iPhone 4G is more practical. I feel consumers still want the “put in your pocket” do all device. Tablet would be a hit for a short term but fall short of the “I want” or “I gotta have” categories.

  2. Jalva says:

    I see a table as a hit for someone like an administrative assistant who runs around chasing their boss, verifying the 9 o’clock, checking on dinner reservations, while looking for the nearest dry cleaners to take care of the coffee stain that the boss carelessly put on his other shirt. I’m not sure it will appeal to the general public. I’m with Sam “put in your pocket” do all device.

  3. john says:

    The Iphone 4g is way more practical in today’s fast pace world. I love the idea of the tablet for home use, but I’m never home! I love my iphone and cannot wait for the 4g to come out. I do hope that Apple makes the changes were looking for in the 4G. We will have to wait and see I guess.

  4. Zach says:

    I think the new apple ipad is really lame. Its just a larger ipod touch that does the same thing, but also acts like an external hardrive for transferring purchases, music, and photos to iphones/ipods. Its really not worth the money for it when you could buy a used laptop and a brand new iphone and have the same set up right there. I just don’t understand the point of the new ipad. Sam is right people do want the in your pocket system that is mobile and easy to use. The ipad is probably a good thing if your sittin at home without a computer for your ipod and thats about it.

  5. joecrack401 says:

    mannnnn it doesnt even have flash capabilities, a ichat camera or can multi task what the heck is apple doing gonna get everyone gung ho about this then launch a new one a year later with these upgrades

  6. Matt says:

    I stopped caring about the tablet as soon as I saw you couldn’t fit it in your pocket. Plus it’s got sh*t all for memory. “Ooh you can read books on it”, news flash Steve, if people want to read a book they will actually pick up the book and read it. The iPad is just an over sized Touch it doesn’t do anything. Some netbook killer, Apple’ll be lucky if that thing is useful for anything more than a clipboard. Can’t wait for new iPhone though, Apple hasn’t managed to f*ck that up yet, besides the network monopoly and outrageous prices I mean.

  7. Oh I was so hoping the Iphone would be outed today– much disappointment. So when will this major support for the Iphone(votes in favor) be taken to heart by the apple execs. You know that verizon LTE and Iphone 4G will be an unstopable duo.

  8. zack says:

    idk why everyone is disappointed verizon was never going to take part in any apple product to begin with…

    those were just rumors that got out of control


  9. James. Braselton says:

    hi. There. I. Want. Both. Apple. Tablet. And. Apple. 4g. iPhone. Both. 2010. And. 2012. The. 2012. iPhone. Will. Have. 64. And. 128. Gb. iPhone. And. Halographic. Testing. And. Video. And. Halographic. Gaming

  10. charlotte says:

    I was VERY disappointed with the announcement of the iPad (p.s. the name is lame, iSlate would have sounded better). Anyways, i think the “iPad” was a waste of time because (like many of said) its basically a huge iTouch. whats the point, I’d be embarrassed carry that around in my hand. People would ask “Whats that” and I’d probably say “its a huge itouch”.

    Its very pointless in my opinion. Apple should focus on the 4G which is what most people are truly interested in. I’m not buying the “iPad” and ALOT of my friends aren’t wasting their money on that either.

    Now this brings up the question, Is the iphone 4g gonna be released this year at all?

  11. Joe says:

    I think the iPad has a lot of potential. Its not really about the apps which apple supports, such as, photos, maps and Calendar. Its about the apps which other developers create. The advantage to the iPad is the ‘screen’ this opens up masses of possibilities for a more powerful and clever ways to interact with the software. Software which is more similar to that of a computer.

    Also think again the iPad is made to be used by people who carry around a laptop like a businessman/woman or a college student like myself. Its a very handy way to replace a lot of paper when note taking. It instantly turns on and can be used. Its thin and light made easily to be carried around in a bag. In my opinion a much better option to a heavy laptop with a power lead.

    All I’m basically saying is wait and see what the iPad brings. There isn’t now, but in the next few months we will see impressive apps not possible on the iphone. We will see huge graphically improvements in games. And whats not to say they won’t bring out an update with Flash support and multitasking, you never know.

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