Apple Event Disappointment: No Verizon or new iPhone 4G talk

Slightly disappointed about the today’s Apple Event really to tell you the truth, ok we cannot deny that the all new Apple tablet confirmed at the conference as the iPad is a work of art, but yet still how annoying.

We would have loved to hear something about the all new iPhone (4G) or something about its operating system (4.0), which everyone was speculating about, but oh no nothing/nada/nil/.

All this hype for one device, ok this one device is definitely something we will get but come on Steve Jobs we want an all new iPhone. Maybe one will be announced a little later in the year, and what about Verizon getting their mitts on the iPhone train, or indeed mentioning something about the iPhone AT&T exclusivity.

We did not even hear anything about the OS 4.0, this tells us that Apple will hold another event soon, we might be mistaken but come on they have to reveal an all new iPhone like they have the last few year. Apple has not missed a year since iPhone 2G model.

We will keep you posted, if we hear any more about the above we will let you know as soon as possible. Please comment below


12 thoughts on “Apple Event Disappointment: No Verizon or new iPhone 4G talk”

  1. Danielsw says:

    Pretty ironic–and hilarious–that Verizon’s network blew out during the event from the overload of users expecting live update from reporters attending the iPad event.

    Pretty much goes to show how many shills must be trying to foment anti-AT&T sentiment in the face of a factually good relationship between Apple and AT&T.

    The combination of iPad and its reasonably priced AT&T data plan are going to make a HUGE impact on existing and new markets.

  2. Daniel says:

    Please is there any way we can sue the writer of this story. I mean isn’t there some kind of law that can punish this MORON and give him the death penalty for breaking laws please

  3. Brian says:

    I’d put my money of Apple having another event that incorporates the iPhone OS 4.0, Verizon service plans, and the next generation of the iPhone itself.

    Also… @Daniel

    um… what?

  4. zack says:

    idk why eveyrone is disappointed???
    the iphone was and is never coming to verizon we knew this way before…??? i dont understand whats the hype about..
    and why would they annouce anything else besides the tablet…

    apple is with at&t and will stay with at&t..
    verizon sucks and are not near ready for the data they have an OLD and slow CDMA network that is outdated…
    get it through your head these r pointless rumors why is verizon always brought in the spotlight when an apple product comes up its annoying…
    idc what u heard, idc if u saw that it was confirmed..
    it wasnt… u were on a loser webpage that was written by someone who doesnt know anything i will only listen to apple not rumors.

  5. Mike says:

    I find you comment funny. Verizons network may be older but it’s more reliable by a long shot.
    Also if I remember correctly Apple came to Verizon first not At&t.
    And you say you don’t listen to rumor only Apple then they havn’t said Verizon won’t get a iPhone.
    You think Apple will stay with At&t Becuase there friends?
    No apple is a buisness and opening the iPhone to more networks could only help there sales.

  6. Mike says:

    The iPhone, first and foremost is a phone! AT&T coverage SUCKS, not just their 3G coverage, but their simple phone coverage.

    My friends with their iPhones all too often end up using my antique phone to make calls – why? Because I’m on the Verizon network which actually has coverage outside the biggest US cities (and Raleigh NC is not that small!)

    Apple, please please please give me the cell phone I really want – the iPhone on the Verizon network!!

  7. pablo says:

    I am a Verizon customer and would love to have an iphone. Verizon may be outdated etc. Etc. But at0least you can make phone call! Had ATT and would marvel looking at 5 people talking on their phones when I had no signal. Some of actually need the phone portion of the device to work….ATT needs to invest some cash to fix this. If they lose iphone exclusivity, people will flock elsewhere. They ought to work this out soon! Someone else will get it eventually.

  8. Howard says:

    It’s simply amazing to me how Verizon customers believe they have the right to have an iphone. Face facts people, AT&T and Apple are happy together.

    Judging by the 13,000 jobs that Verizon has cut this year and the 13,000 more they will cut before years end (voiced by your own CFO), I have to believe that people flocking from Verizon to AT&T must hurt…a lot!!!!!

    What i believe is happening is that Steve Jobs offered the iphone to Verizon first. Since they denied him, he is making it his mission in life to personally bankrupt Verizon by staying with AT&T. If that is the case, why would Apple even think about making a Verizon iphone?

    My suggestion to Verizon customers is that you vote out your current board of directors, who spurned Steve Jobs, and maybe he might be more inclined to play ball with you.

  9. Kevin says:

    I doubt that Apple is in any hurry to do business with Verizon, especially after Verizon’s campaign of negative advertising has specifically targetted Apple. Remember the island of “unwanted toys” commercial? I think it’s funny that Verizon is publically advertising that “the phone is garbage” while behind closed doors saying “gimme gimme gimme.” Sorry Verizon, this is what happens when you don’t think things through. There are consequences for actions, and this is ultimately what lost them the iPad deal.

  10. Damon says:

    I highly doubt that verizon will get the iPhone. Keep in mind the infamous strategy that Verizon used to market the Droid. You remember the commercial “iDon’t do this, iDon’t do that….DROID DOES”. that was a direct shot at the iPhone! why would apple do services for verizon after a marketing ploy like that?

  11. HAHA says:

    Many people here are saying that Apple wont sign with verizon because of principles. Big companies only care about $$$$. I would not be surprised if we saw a verizon iphone in the near future. Since verizon still controls the majority of the cell phone market, apple (or any company) is not going to risk losing money over something as stupid as that. Both blackberry and motorola have phones with ATT and verizon even though they are in competition with apple. Give me a break people…..

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