New Apple iPad has iPhone Apps but on bigger screen

The all new and confirmed Apple iPad is amazing and we want one, it is basically a much bigger and expanded version of the iPhone according to Cnet.

The iPad has a bigger screen at 9.7-inch whereas the iPhone has a 3.5-inch screen, you can use apps like you do on the iPhone and use apps at their native size or you can touch the 2x button and every pixel is doubled in size to fill the whole screen. Sounds pretty impressive if you ask us, we love this new device.

Play games on this all new device like you would on the iPhone but with a bigger screen a more clarity, it does have multi-touch support, you can browse like an ebook reader that offers the broadsheet in an attractive layout like a normal newspaper, this is better than the iphone because yes it is larger and images are much more clearer on the layout with multiple columns.

You can zoom up-to 32x, which is better than the iPhone and will allow more complex interaction. This iPad is definitely something we will buy as it has everything the iPhone has but with better features, an overgrown iPhone is a right little winner in our eyes.

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