Apple Event 2010 Live: Official name is iPad, acts like iPhone

Yes it is all love and happening at the Apple Event 2010 and Steve Jobs received a standing ovation, he mentioned how Apple started what its products were and what was the most popular.

He mentioned about the App Store saying that they have over 140k apps and 3 billion apps were downloaded, also mentioned that Apple FQ1 2010 revenues was at 15.6 billion. He says that Apple is bigger than Samsung, Sony Ericsson and others.

Anyway down to the real news, the Apple Tablet is definitely called the iPad, this new iPad is better than any netbook, it is the future. It is way better than any laptop or phone but in reality it does act a little like the iPhone.

The iPad device has a large onscreen QWERTY and does look like an overgrown iPhone, Steve Jobs did say that this new tablets interface really does look like an exploded iPhone. Features include YouTube in HD and normal YouTube and iTunes built-in.

The reason it is like the iPhone is down to the fact that you slide the lock bar at the bottom like the iPhone and then the icons fly in, it does not have flash like the smartphone and it has flicks and gestures like the iPhone.

We will bring you more information shortly about the Apple event so please stay with us; let us know what you think so far.

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One thought on “Apple Event 2010 Live: Official name is iPad, acts like iPhone”

  1. Doug says:

    > “It is way better than any laptop”

    In the sense that you can not load any non-iPhone application, or anything explicitly approved by the iApp nazis? In the sense that there is no built-in flash I/O, video out, etc. without attaching stupid accessories to the dock port? In the sense that it can’t compete with the shear performance of a high-end processor or bus that you would get in a device just a few inches larger?

    > “or phone but in reality it does act a little like the Phone.”

    In the sense that you can’t make phone calls? Or in any way what-so-ever does it act like a point to point communication device?

    Fanboys shouldn’t review hardware.

    I respect apple (and own plenty of their stock), but this is a dead end device. It’s a souped up iPhone, without phone capabilities. It will never replace the versatility of a real laptop, and is too big to be any more useful for video or music than a slim and portable iPod.

    At least they broke the $800 barrier.

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