Apple iPhone vs. new iPad side-by-side battle

At last the Apple iPhone and the all new iPad that was announced today side-by-side, who will win the fight?

Two very smart devices are joined together at last and we are pretty impressed by the new tablet and then some, the iPhone is a very sleek smartphone and we really love it. We have used many mobile phones and the iPhone for us is a real winner, and now the iPad has been confirmed and talked about by Steve Jobs and co and this device wins our heart as well.


The iPad is just blatantly stunning; it is a work of art. So what has the iPad got then: Well how about 1024 x 768 screen, feels like a bigger version of the iPhone in your hands, CPU is pretty fast, Webpages load pretty fast.

The downside is that the iPad does not have a camera whereas the iPhone does, it does not have an SMS app now that is disappointing. We will bring you much more iPhone/iPad comparisons pretty soon so stay tuned.

It is good to see the two devices together at last because now we can see how sexy both of them look, do you like the look of the iPad or will you just stick with your iPhone.

Source – Engadget


3 thoughts on “Apple iPhone vs. new iPad side-by-side battle”

  1. qazibasit says:

    i think iphone4 because of its ultra portability. Ipad sucks, they should have merged the two version in a single one then only it was worthy enough to compete with iphone.

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