Is Apple Changing iPhone OS to iOS? Video

I’m not too sure if this is real or not but apparently the guys over at macdailynews have picked up on a YouTube video which apparently shows that Apple may be planning to change iPhone OS to ‘iOS’, which hasn’t seen any confirmation so I would take this with a large pinch of salt.

Apparently their tipster has said Apple is to rename iPhone OS to ‘iOS’ as to “better reflect the diversity of devices that will run the operating system: iPhone, iPod touch, and future devices to be announced.”

The video apparently isn’t from the tipster but shows ‘iOS’ plastered on a background similar to the one used for announcing the Apple event where they unveiled the iPad.

On the YouTube page itself the text description goes like this… “shaky cam grab out of some apple tablet presentation rehearsal for tomorrows brand new thing—I think any way. might have been enhanced from a pen cam or something. or hidden in a backpack or a box of equipment.”

Now this has a post date of Jan 26, a day before the Apple event. So one has to wonder if this is true, wouldn’t Apple have made mention of it during their presentation? Video is below for you to check out and let us know your views.

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