New Apple iPad: Can it do GSM Voice Calls like iPhone?

Well the big news is the unveiling of Apple’s latest creation the iPad, which is a bit of a let down for the mobile phone world who were hoping to see some news on the next generation iPhone, but hopefully that will come along I due course.

However, taking a look at said Apple iPad, according to an article over on engadget, developers have apparently noticed what is called a “Touch to return call” bar in the iPad emulator something you’d expect to see on an iPhone when making a GSM call.

But if the Apple iPad can do GSM voice call just like the iPhone, one would have thought Steve Jobs would have mentioned it during the unveiling event, and if the iPad can do GSM calls isn’t it coming a bit too close to iPhone territory?

Apple could have made the user interface as adaptable as they could, or maybe there are plans for a higher resolution iPhone sometime later. Maybe pairing the iPad up with a Bluetooth headset is the way to go, but then what would happen to the iPhone?

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