Apple updates iPhone SDK for 3G VoIP App

Apple seems to be doing the old switch-a-roo with VoIP and the iPhone, as most know VoIP on the iPhone was relegated to the realms of WiFi only never to be allowed on the 3G waves, but now a press release by iCall states that Apple has now undated the iPhone SDK to allow VoIP over 3G reports apple insider.

As you probably know some time ago Apple played nice with AT&T wants by prohibiting VoIP type apps like the much used Skype from utilising carrier’s 3G networks, which led to calls of violating of federal net neutrality protection by internet advocacy group Free Press.

Whatever the reason, Apple has now allowing iCall for iPhone to do the VoIP over 3G thing, and Arlo Gilbert, iCall CEO says he applauds Apple’s decision to allow iCall to move beyond WiFi and onto 3G.

In any case, iCall for iPhone is now available as a free application for the iPhone from the Apple App Store, so all you VoIP wanting iPhoners can go grab it.

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