Is the Google Nexus One on route to most of Europe

There is some speculation again going on out there and those of you that enjoy reading the FCC files believe that the FCC ID NM899110 which is an HTC phone with just one number greater than the Google Nexus One and will be available for AT&T.

The phone which is currently un named can use 3G on WCDMA bands I, II and V and this will work on Rogers, Bell, Telus AT&T of course and most of Europe.

Therefore the next Nexus One could well be considered as a world phone for travellers. From the start the Google Nexus One received extremely great feedback then of course came those erm shall we say issues.

Great news though as HTC does offer live US staffed technical support. There have also been reports recently that voice transcriptions on the Nexus One removes swearwords. Although the web banner advertisements claim that the Nexus One has sentience. Source – wirelessandmobilenews.com

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