Video: iPhone Battery Charger Storm VR227 Reviewed

Most know that the Battery life of the iPhone isn’t what one would call great, and it does need charging now and then depending on just how heavy you use it. So maybe a good idea is to carry a battery re-charger while you’re out and about.

One such iPhone battery re-charger is the Storm VR227, which we have a video review of for your viewing pleasure today courtesy of daily mobile and can be viewed below.

The Storm VR227 for the iPhone and iPod Touch and is a 1900mAh battery which is claimed will charger your iPhone fully up to 2 times. The Storm VR227 isn’t too big but is roughly twice the thickness of the iPhone.

The Storm VR227 connects straight into the iPhone port and can be charged via your iPhone charging cable, so no need for extra cables and costs $30. Anyway you can view the Strom VR227 battery pack for the iPhone below so hit it up and check it out.

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