AT&T gets go ahead for Google Nexus One

The US federal Communications Commission has revealed that an AT&T compatible version of the very much talked about Google Nexus One has been approved.

What is even better news is that is will be available in the coming months. And what’s more a Verizon version of the Google phone is also going to be available by the spring.

Currently the Nexus One works both for T-Mobile and AT&T. The current Nexus One model number is 99100 the newly approved AT&T 3G version is going to be model number 99110.

Obviously the increase in carrier capacity will increase sales for the phone which sadly since its release has been tarnished with complaints about T-Mobiles 3G service or prolonged outages. Other than that the Google Nexus One is a very nice easy to use smartphone. Source – topnews.us

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