Microsoft to present Zune phone in Barcelona

According to the Spanish blog MuyComputer Microsoft will be presenting the Zune phone this February in Barcelona.

The Spanish blog claim that this is 100% confirmed and since the phone will use Tegra, Nvidia will team with Microsoft for the anti-JesusPhone debut.

The blog editorial director Javier Perez Cortijo has said that the Zune phone presentation at the 2010 world congress in Barcelona is 100% confirmed. The sources are completely trusted and his judgement.

Now remember this isn’t actually a Zune Phone it is Zune with a phone attached. It is said to be Windows Mobile 7 with Zune software, similar to hoe the iPhone has iPod software on it. Watch this space for more information. Source – gizmodo.com


2 thoughts on “Microsoft to present Zune phone in Barcelona”

  1. David N says:

    As a Zune30 owner I am very excited at the prospect of a “Zune Phone”. I bought my sister a ZuneHD for Christmas and after playing with it I decided that it didn’t offer enough. The only practical advantage that I felt it had over my Zune30 was size and the ability to type on a keyboard when using the on-device Zune Marketplace.

    But a phone that is always connected to the internet, an OLED screen, Tegra processor, AND is attached to my Zune pass (so that I no longer have to carry a brick in my pocket)?

    You have piqued my interest.

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