Best Buy Mobile Buyers Guide Shows Motorola Milestone

All you Canadians over in the great white who have been patiently waiting to get your hands on the Android packing Motorola Milestone may not have to wait much longer as an upcoming edition of the Best Buy Mobile Buyers Guide shows off the Motorola Milestone.

This basically means a prelude to the Motorola Milestone becoming available soon in Canada, and according to an article over on mobile syrup the Motorola Milestone will be going with Telus although there still isn’t any firm release date, but the Best Buy Mobile Buyers Guide states ‘coming soon.’

However, apparently there is some news on the Motorola Milestone pricing with Telus, although they are ‘subject to change’ but hopefully these will be near the mark once the Motorola Milestone finally its shelves.

Those Telus prices for the Motorola Milestone are according to their inventory system, $549.00 if you want the Motorola Milestone outright, or $199 based on a three year agreement; more as and when we hear.

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