Estimated 336.5 Million Mobile handsets Shipped in Q4

According to Jake Saunders, VP for forecasting at ABI Research, 336.5 million mobile devices were shipped during Q4 of 09 which is up 15.1 percent on quarter reports an article over on digitimes.

ABI Research also said that competition still squeezed handset ASPs and in Q4 of 2009 shipment based APSs were down 2 percent to US$117.55.

Saunders stated that renewed consumer confidence in the 2nd half of 08 meant shipments for the entire year shrank some 4.5 percent to 1153 billion. ABI Research forecasts shipment to expand in 2010 to 1.2 billion mobile handsets.

Although Nokia’s position weakened in the smartphone arena they still maintained 37.7 percent of the handset market while Samsung increased their market share to 20.5 percent from 15.2 percent between June 08 and December 09.

HTC’s market share hasn’t faired will but improved during Q4 to 1.0 percent while LG has replied on their S-Class smartphone series to aid in securing a bridgehead in the market.

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