Video: The Future of Mobile Phones is Shape Shifting

Just how far can you go with technology in smartphones? Well apparently according to Fabian Hemmert we can go quite a ways with mobile phone, including having them shift their shape, so if you are reading an ebook of some 500 pages you’ll feel the weight of it.

Seems fairly farfetched to me but he believes it can be done and has show off a couple of prototype ‘mobile phones’ at TEDxBerlin, one of which can get thicker at any of its four corners.

Apparently there is also a prototype of a ‘living’ mobile phone which has breath and a heartbeat and feels very organic and can display ‘emotional states.’

It’s very interesting to see what the smartphone may become in future, and we have a video of the prototypes for your viewing pleasure which can be viewed below courtesy of infosthetics, so hit it up and be amazed.

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