iPad Overload: Apple tell us something about new iPhone 4G!

Head hurts so bad with iPad news, time to hide in a corner and hope that iPhone 4G news will come in. The iPad aka the overgrown iPod Touch is all over the news like a rash at the moment and there seems to be no cream whatsoever to clear it.

Do not get us wrong we will no doubt be getting one but we just want to know more about the possible release of a brand new iPhone for 2010, is it going to Verizon as well, who will sell it in the UK other than the carriers we know about already, will it be called the 4G, what real specs and features will it have, will it be announced before July.

So many things we want to know and of course you want to know as well, at the moment it is iPad this iPad that and so on and on and on, which is getting quite boring now. Yes it was very cool indeed when we first heard about it and so much so we said “We want one”, but it is news about the iPhone 2010 we want to learn more about.

Should have been called the ‘Apple iPad Overload’, ok yes it is nice to learn more about it but to over saturate the web with too much news is frankly a little boring. Apple please provide us here at phonesreview.co.uk some hard evidence if any about the new iPhone, if you will not release a new iPhone this year at least tell us, if you are going to release one please tell us when you will announce it. Stop being so secretive and let us know.

You know iPad sales will go through the roof there is no denying that, and you know with an all new iPhone this year sales will just go RIGHT through the roof, just give us a little info not too much but some sort of info that will keep a slight smile on ours and our readers faces. WILL Apple release a new iPhone for 2010? Please vote below

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4 thoughts on “iPad Overload: Apple tell us something about new iPhone 4G!”

  1. Waiting 4 1 says:

    I am on the brink of buying an iPhone3gs but would hate myself for not waiting if they did come out with the next one soon after I got the OLD one. So I guess I am going to wait for now.

  2. nfos says:

    My iPhone 3G contract is up in March. I need to know whether to wait for a new Super iPhone or settle for upgrading to 3GS. I too would hate myself for not waiting and be stuck with last years model.

  3. Avery Burns says:

    I, too, could get a 3gs in 3 weeks when progress reports come out and my parents see i have good grades. However, i would never forgive myself if I chose to get one and the 4g came out in June or July like the previous iPhones.Apple if one of you many sales rep.s or secret spy thingys are reading this, could you at least tell us whether there will or will not be an iPhone???????????????!!!!!!

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