Apple vs. Google and Adobe: Steve Jobs on New iPhone 2010 Update

Steve Jobs meeting is all about Google and Adobe and how Apple will give extensive updates to the new iPhone 2020 (Hopefully the iPhone 4G). The main topics at this meeting were about Adobe and Google, so what is happening then Steve.

Apple is definitely in a competition with Google and Jobs said that Apple did not enter the search business, we entered the phone business. Google wishes to kill the iPhone and we will not let them.

According to reports over on Wired (They do have more updates also) Adobe on the other hand are lazy and Steve Jobs said that Adobe is to blame for a buggy implementation of Flash on the Mac. This means that Adobe does not support Flash because it is so buggy, does not matter anyway because the world is moving to HTML5.

Mac Rumors also has some good information of a detailed report of the Apple meeting, some of the key points include: Apple will deliver aggressive updates to iPhone that Google/Android will not be able to keep up with, Next iPhone coming is an A+ update, New Macs for 2010 are going to take Apple to the next level, Blu-Ray software is a mess, and Apple will wait until sales really start to take off before implementing it and a few other bits.

Cannot wait for the A+ update for the Apple iPhone, this should be very interesting indeed. We will keep you posted on new information as soon as we hear about it.

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