Surprised Nexus One users get Multitouch

Full of surprises, Google has today pleasantly surprised Nexus One owners by giving them multitouch. Multitouch has been added through an over the air way update.

This long awaited and much requested feature now allows users to zoom in all over the web as well as in their photo galleries and also maps. There is also supposedly a fix for the problems which have been incurred in relation 3G reception problems on T-Mobile.

Even some of Google’s own applications have seen an improvement as part of the download. The camera based search application Goggles is now a built in app, and it also permits syncing of data between websites and the Nexus one.

Those of you that are lucky enough to won a Google Nexus One keep your eyes open for an automatic notification that you will receive on your phone when it is ready for you to download. Source – electronista.com


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