iphone 3.1.3 OS Update, will we see 3.2 or 4.0 next?

Well there is something Apple are really good at doing to us all at the moment and that is playing mind games some would say.

They continue to play the game and have done it again, the iPhone maker have released OS 3.1.3 and we are hoping that this is the last update before we get to see the next.

The iPhone 3.2 or maybe even the iPhone OS 4.0 spilling out of Cupertino, is what we want. Reports have claimed that this latest update is accurate in relation to battery level, and issues have been fixed with the Japanese keyboard.

Okay so it isn’t the update that we’ve all been really waiting for but at least it is a step in the right direction a little bit closer to the multitasking we have all been eagerly awaiting, isn’t it? Source – intomobile.com


One thought on “iphone 3.1.3 OS Update, will we see 3.2 or 4.0 next?”

  1. Ben says:

    iPhone OS 3.2 isn’t being released for iPhone unfortunately, only iPad (weird because its entitled “iPhone OS”). The next update will be 4.0 but I don’t know what it will feature and when it will be released but I have a feeling if it isn’t released sometime in the summer then it will be released as a new iPhone is released.

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