Google Nexus One Phone OTA Software Update now available

The very first mobile delivered to the market with Google‘s Android 2.1 OS is the Nexus One by HTC it also happens to be the first of them to be actually sold direct through Google’s own web store.

Now it has had its first software update, great news for those that are lucky enough to own one of these superb devices. Especially those of you out there that sadly have experienced problems in relation to connectivity issues with 3G.

The new firmware update will be delivered over the air, so if you have one just sit back and wait for it to be announced on your device. Don’t want to wait? Well it would seem you don’t have to, the guys over at Android forums say it can be done through an update on your computer, to have a look at how it is done simply follow this link to android forums.

There will be improvements to Google Goggles, Google Maps, and much more. Something really great that has been mentioned a fair bit recently is pinch to zoom function. This is also now included in the update. For further information please visit softpedia.com


2 thoughts on “Google Nexus One Phone OTA Software Update now available”

  1. adebay says:

    i hav the nexus oe but i fnd it most user UNfriendly in erms of its compatibilitywit other phones suc as lackberry ad noka tha i lso have. synchronisng my contacs between the phone and m laptop is a nghtmare

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