Video: Nexus One Multitouch vs. iPhone 3GS Multitouch

Now that Google has relented over multitouch on the US version of the Nexus One we are seeing a few video demonstrations hit the next waves and today we have one such video from the guys over at intomobile.

In this one we have Will Park taking a look at the Nexus One pinch to zoom and apposed to the iPhone 3GS pinch to zoom feature in a sort of multitouch comparison, and Will says now the Nexus One just might take over the iPhone throne.

Although multitouch on the Nexus One only works at the moment in the browser, image gallery and Google Maps apps while the iPhone 3GS multitouch works in numerous applications, so my guess even thought the Nexus One now has multitouch it still won’t grab that throne.

The video, which can be viewed below lasts just over to two and a half minute mark and does give us a good look at multitouch working on the Nexus One, so check it out and let us know if you think the Nexus One can now take the iPhone throne.


2 thoughts on “Video: Nexus One Multitouch vs. iPhone 3GS Multitouch”

  1. Susan says:

    So that fact that google *FINALLY* installed a basic feature like multi-touch that’s been available for *YEARS* on the iphone… will cause it to “dethrone” the iphone?


    Other phones are just COPYING the iphone… instead of coming up with ideas far *BETTER* than the iphone. (And even the ‘copying’ is YEARS behind.)

    Maybe in 2012 Google will finally equal the 2007 iPhone.

    (Not sure I why anyone would want to 5 years… when you can buy the iphone TODAY for $49)

  2. jm says:


    You need to get your facts straight. You’re obviously a devoted iPhone user, so I’ll try to be sympathetic. But first of all, multi-touch is by no means a ‘basic feature’. The vast majority of smart phones still do not have it.

    Furthermore, there is very very little support to claim that the iPhone (even the 3GS) is anywhere near as sophisticated as the Nexus One.

    Every single hardware specification of the Nexus One is more advanced than the iPhone, and it is far more open to individual user personalization.

    Anyone claiming the iPhone is still king of the hill is severely outdated, and surely has not used a Nexus One.

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