Improved Sales Trend Shows for Vodafone UK and Germany

Vodafone has seen an improves sales trend in the United Kingdom and Germany and even though service revenues were down some 3.2 percent in the quarter to December it is an improvement on the quarter before reports an article on the AP.

Vodafone UK revenues dropped by 4.9 percent against a 5.7 percent decline in November and data revenues across the group were over £1 billion for the 1st time in the quarter which was aided by Europe’s increased take up of data enabled smartphones, but does not include the impact on Vodafone by the iPhone.

Vittorio Colao, Vodafone chief exec has been put under pressure by shareholders to show he has the right strategy in place to progress fortunes in Europe and still maintain Vodafone’s emerging markets growth rate.

Apparently some shareholders are pushing for a break-up of Vodafone if the European division can’t be revived. Vodafone shares have lagged their rivals lately but the trend has been reverse as stock leapt 5 percent in the FTSE 100 index.

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