Poll: Do you think T-Mobile and Orange should Merge?

What will happen if T-Mobile and Orange merge? Well to start with it will mean that they will have a 37% share of the UK mobile market. Permission has been asked for the go ahead for the merger in Brussels.

The UK is concerned as obviously both T-Mobile and Orange have networks here and a spokesperson at ‘which’ have expressed their concern. It has been stated that if T-Mobile and Orange do actually merge they will have at least 37% in the market share or even as much as 40% if you include the virtual mobile network operators which include Virgin Mobile.

The Office of fair Trading has confirmed to the stock market that it had made a request to the European commission in relation to the UK aspects of the intended merger of the two companies.

If the OFT do get the go ahead to investigate it would definitely delay the intended plans between the two mobile phone companies, which was initially announced back in September and slated for approval by the Brussels competition in the middle of February. Please vote below using our poll system if you think they should merge.

Source – guardian.co.uk

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