Video: iPhone 3GS vs. Verizon Palm Pre Plus Comparison

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when a smartphone comes out inevitably it gets compared to the iconic iPhone, this is due to the iPhone being the king of smartphones and until something comes along that can unseat the iPhone the handset will continue to set the standards for others to beat.

So as the Verizon Palm Pre Plus is now out it goes up against the iPhone 3GS in a video comparison which basically has been done before with the original Palm Pre and the Verizon Palm Pre Plus is virtually identical to the original albeit the Plus has double the storage.

So why bring you this iPhone 3GS vs. Verizon Palm Pre Plus video courtesy of daily mobile, well firstly it does last nearly twenty minutes, and secondly they put the two smartphones through a series of tests.

Those test comparisons include browser, speed, text entry, customisation, scrolling, navigation, applications, notifications and device integration along with covering general specs of the handsets thus is a fairly lengthy comparison. So without further ado hit up the video below and enjoy.


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