620WTMJ (TMJ4) Milwaukee News, School Closings Text Alerts and more

If you wish to receive WTJM4 school closings text alerts then you have come to the right place, you can now receive all Milwaukee breaking news wherever and whenever you please now thanks to text alerts.

You can stay in touch thanks to 620WTMJ, if you would like to know if your child’s school is closed, you could receive a text message to notify you, the text message will go straight to your mobile phone if the school is closed. You can even be sent an email if you do not want text messages.

You can also receive 620WTMJ radio text messages for the following: 620WTMJ News Alerts, Sports scores, Badgers (Football – Half and Final Scores / Men’s Basketball – Final Score), Bucks (Final Score), Packers (Each Quarter and Final Score), Brewers (7th inning/Final Score), Events, promotions and chances to win free stuff and much more.

WTMJ does not charge you for this service but you must be aware that your carrier may charge you for text messages you send and receive. For more information and to sign-up for these text alerts please visit WTMJ.

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