New iPhone 4G, Verizon and AT&T: Real news or Rumours

Poll: We here at phonesreview.co.uk, like to report on all news being it the real news or in fact rumours, so this is why we will get a poll rolling so that you can be the judge.

We have reported numerous articles that are of course rumours, but we merely report what we find out online, via emails we get sent in and of course from our readers. Take product-reviews.net for example who decided it was their duty to say we waffle with its titles being “New iPhone on Verizon in 2010: When bloggers waffle”, good one guys a nice little stab in the dark to get readers. Have to admit though we love this sort of banter.

Many of you including ourselves wish to know more about the iPhone Verizon, iPhone 4G and of course many of you search for iPhone 2010, so this leads us to find out a little more on what our readers search for, we basically wish to give you a service that you require being it rumour or fact. If you search for it we try to find out a little more about it and if there is no news on these subjects we will ask our readers for their opinions hence an article we did yesterday titled “Steve Jobs: AT&T is no Valentine, divorce and date Verizon for new iPhone 2010

Do we really waffle? Well yes, we do a little but only about key facts we need to learn more about, how is the article above waffling when it is stating a fact. Ticked off AT&T customers with its service and coverage are screaming to high heaven for Verizon and Apple to finally come to some agreement for the new iPhone 2010, will it happen this year? We are not too sure because no one knows at this particular time, so call it what you may a rumour or simply a question we would like answered.

All sites including product-reviews.net write articles based on speculation, without such speculations readers will never get to know that the possible rumours could indeed be fact. Like for example all the rumours about the new Apple iPad Tablet, yes everyone reported that the Apple Event would be revealing this device but it was all rumours at first that did indeed become FACT.

Please answer our poll question below; we would love to hear more from you.

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