Steve Jobs: AT&T is no Valentine, divorce and date Verizon for new iPhone 2010

iPhone users are not too happy with Apple boss Steve Jobs at the moment it would appear, the reason being the rumoured possibility that Apple will allow AT&T to keep exclusivity over the iPhone and not allow Verizon Wireless to have the iconic smartphone.

For months there has been speculation that the Big Blue will lose the iPhone to the Big Red, but more and more it is looking like the much wanted Verizon iPhone is not forthcoming, and so iPhone users will have to continue with AT&T’s rather poor service.

Several Phones Review readers have dropped us comments on their views about AT&T, iPhone exclusivity and the Verizon iPhone with one saying that it is time Steve Jobs divorced AT&T, that Verizon has a far better network while AT&T can barely hold the iPhone on its network and iPhone service will suffer when the iPad hits the AT&T network.

Comments such as AT&T SUCKS! And not just the 3G coverage but any phone coverage. Another comment that their iPhone friends use his/her old handset as it is on Verizon’s network. Calls for a Verizon iPhone, another believes Jobs is trying to ‘bankrupt’ Verizon by staying with AT&T.

However there are a few AT&T pro comment such as how do Verizon think they have a right to the iPhone as AT&T and Apple are happy together. Another believes Verizon should vote out their board of directors who spurned Jobs and thus maybe the Apple boss will play ball.

Reasons for and against a Verizon iPhone, and for and against AT&T keeping the iPhone, but personally I believe that Apple isn’t doing themselves any favours by allowing AT&T to keep exclusivity and refusing Verizon the iPhone.

I speak with several people in the US via the net on a daily basis, and most have an iPhone but would be only too happy to swap if Verizon had an iPhone on their network. AT&T just doesn’t have the customer faith any longer and in the end this could damage Apple and the iPhone.

So taking all this into consideration, we’d like to know our readers views on whether AT&T should keep exclusivity or allow Verizon to offer the iPhone 2010 to their vast number of customers, drop us your thoughts in the comments area below.


13 thoughts on “Steve Jobs: AT&T is no Valentine, divorce and date Verizon for new iPhone 2010”

  1. Stacie OBrien says:

    I switched from Verizon to At&t JUST to get the iphone in Augusta. I LOVE the Iphone and dont think there is anything out there that can compete. That said, last month I paid the disconnect fees to go BACK to verizon and I have the Droid Eris (it is okay, but NOTHING compared to the Iphone).

    I live in Maine and there is NO coverage for At&T and they dont even seem to TRY and fix the problem. August to January with the AT&T with more dropped calls then I have ever had including way back when when cell phone service with US Cellular came into Maine.

    Verizon and Apple need to get together because Apple in my opinion will quardruple there sales if Verizon had an Iphone. Verizon would have 10 times the business because most At&t customers would jump ship.

    At&t STINKS with their coverage and 3g service was spotty at best.

  2. Fredric says:

    I am a Sprint customer and have been for over 10 years. I use a MacBook Pro and I love it over a PC opperating system. Apple has begun to gain respect in both the computing and mobile industries it did not have 20 years ago. My sister loves her iPhone and I felt it would be a great way to seemlesly keep all my contacts, calanders, music and everything else in sync with the right mobile phone. Why not just get an iPhone to sync with my Macbook Pro. I am out of contract now with Sprint and I am free to move anywhere I want. I was headed to AT&T but I was reminded about the unrealiable service on a very realiable phone. I think I will wait and see what happens. I know for sure keeping my Treo 700wx is not an option and getting a Google HTC Hero phone with a new 2 year contract it not an option eaither. I got the phone and was told it would sync right with my computer, but that was a lie. I am taking it back to Best Buy getting back of my contract and will see what the future brings us. No matter how solid a phone is you want it to have great call quality which is what you pay the most for each month. Not the data usage but the phone and texting. Please Verizon get the iPhone.

  3. Darin says:

    I have Verizon currently and am using my blackberry right now. If Verison came out with the iphone I would definately get one. I’ve never really liked AT&T and that was the only thing stopping me when I switched providers last year from MetroPCS. I own a business and love its capibilities. More importantly is not having dropped calls and being a le to use it anywhere.

  4. brian says:

    I have an Iphone, and i love it, i have not had a problem with it. That said, like ALL cellphones, i do get the occassional dropped call. I cancelled my Verizon contract, i had the blackberry storm, with the forced data plan, not just for myself but i had 3 of them, again unlimited data plan. I was billed for data overages despite having an unlimited data plan. Verizon’s customer service, is bottom of the barrel. I was told that i was using to much data, and despite telling them that i was on an unlimited data plan, it was of course my fault. I cancelled after 3 months of my bill being 1000 bucks. My final bill with them was 1400 bucks. Again on an unlimited data plan. I do know what i’m doing as at that time i WORKED FOR VERIZON! We were always told that we were getting the Iphone. We never did, and frankly i hope Verizon never does. My bill has always been what it was supposed to be with AT&T…always. I know that people have dropped calls, but it’s the nature of the beast. I mean costal areas really do suck for cellular coverage, and remember everyone, Verizon is going to LTE, which is NOT CDMA, so all those complaints over AT&T, the same will happen, it’s a new network for Verizon, so you better believe they will have migration problems, so if it the Iphone was release on that network, the same problems may persist, and then what? It MAY happen, but don’t hold your breath,and if it does, please just wait cause there will be bugs to fix….but personally i’m just tired of the “will they, won’t they” rumors…right not it’s NO they won’t so lets get beyond it and when we least expect it, it will happen….peace

  5. Contented says:

    I wanted to be on Verizon so I went for the Samsung R810C from Straight Talk and I’m thrilled with it!! It has 3G, bluetooth, a large touch screen, EVDO data connection a 2.0mp camera and lots more. I will save $1500.00 over 2 years with their $45.00pm unlimited usage airtime package instead of buying an I-Phone

  6. Washington DC Snow says:

    I could care less if Verizon gets the iPhone or not. Currently I am a very satisfied iPhone user. I not only like the phone, I am pleased with the AT&T network. I live in the DC Metro area and two things have happenned in the last 3 months that I am very happy about 1) AT&T is finally offfering service in the underground Metro (subway) and 2) they have recently sped up the network. I routinely get 2.5 mb download speed. Dropped calls are minimal and I love the AT&T “Mark the Spot” app when they do occur.

    All in all, whether or not the iPhone comes to Verizon or not, I am sticking with Big Blue T.

  7. John Justice says:

    I too was a long time Verizon Wireless customer who crossover to AT&T because of the iPhone. I live in Warner Robins, Georgia and can truly stated that AT&T 3G does not exist or appear to be coming in the near future. I realized that I had made a near fatal mistake by crossing over to AT&T and paid the price to return to Verizon Wireless. After paying over $1,250.00 to return to Verizon Wireless, I cna truly say the GRASS MAY LOOK GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE, BUT IT IS BEST TO STAY WHERE YOU ARE CURRENTLY AT BECAUSE IT IS MAINTAIN WITH YOU AS A CUSTOMER IN MIND. Verizon Wireless will prevail and I will be with them until the end of the end.

  8. We are an Apple household—-always have been. Would buy an iPhone in a heartbeat if Verizon was given access. Left AT&T for Verizon years ago because of lousy coverage. Now I make do with a Blackberry & an iTouch. Apple & Verizon seem like a win-win situation to me.

  9. Amanda says:

    The day the iPhone goes to Verizon, im definitely getting it. I absolutely love the iPhone after playing around with my boyfriends, and fell absolutely IN LOVE with it. The iPhone should definitely go to Verizon, and SOOOOON!

  10. Andie says:

    I LOVE Verizon. Went to a Summer Camp with Boy Scouts, and my phone was the only one with service. All the rest of the adult leaders had Sprint and AT&T. Needless to say, my phone was used alot. Love my Blackberry, but if an iPhone came to Verizon I would switch in a heartbeat. I even have the money put aside waiting. Apple, hope you are listening….Verizon customers REALLY want the iPhone.

  11. MIMI says:

    Verizon needs the IPHONE!!! ASAP!! I hope somebody in charge reads this, apple will make more money if both Verizon and AT&T carry the iphone! I hope that they will soon come to a decision to let Verizon carry the IPhone!

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