Verizon iPhone, should Apple agree or stay with AT&T?

Isn’t it about time Apple stopped patting AT&T on the back saying what a great job they’ve done with the iPhone, and just pull their fingers out of where they have been sticking them and handed a CDMA version of the iPhone to Verizon Wireless?

The rumours of a Verizon iPhone have been hitting the net for months along with the complaints about AT&T’s network not being able to handle the iPhone. Verizon even said they had beefed up their network to cope with additional traffic the iPhone would bring.

It was hoped by many that by now Apple would have listened to the masses and took the iPhone exclusivity away from AT&T, but apparently analysts don’t believe Apple will do so, not this year anyway.

Which means if the analysts are right we won’t be seeing a Verizon iPhone until 2011 even though AT&T is supposed to lose that exclusivity this year and according to the mobile masses the sooner the better.

Personally I can’t see why Apple would want to remain with AT&T only after all the crap about their poor network and customer service with the iPhone, and delivering a Verizon iPhone would bring so many more customers to the iPhone which is good for Apple right?

So what is your opinion, should Apple let the iPhone remain with AT&T or should they finally bring out a Verizon iPhone?


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  1. Toshi Shahbaghlian says:

    i think at&t sucks cause they have shitty network and the only reason why people can’t get iphones is because they don’t have at&t. I think apple knows they can get a ton more iphones to people if its also for verizon. I have verizon and have been waiting for the verizon iphone to come out

  2. Tracy says:

    I love my iPhone more than I hate AT&T, but not by much. Why on earth would a company as capable as Apple tolerate a “partner” that requires Apple to disable features and functions on the iPhone just so their inadequate network doesn’t choke? If Verizon can do the job, I say let’s open it up and get us out from under AT&T. The fact that this would probably expand plan options and pricing wouldn’t hurt my feelings, either.

    That said, when you say “Verizon iPhone” — I don’t want to have to buy a new device to switch providers! Apple is better than that. Make the change in firmware and let me switch with my existing hardware.

  3. Graham says:

    I, along with the millions of Verizon customers highly want the iPhone to come to Verizon. However I really don\’t think that it will happen this year… Apple is AT&T\’s life vest, the only thing keeping the company afloat. Perhaps they\’re showing courtesy to AT&T? Or perhaps they\’re waiting for Verizon to complete it\’s LTE network.

    It\’s your move, Apple… Millions are waiting.

  4. Christopher says:

    I wish all phones were available to all carriers.. and why don’t we have world phones like they do in the UK?? 1 phone to work on all networks – hasn’t apple learned anything since VHS vs Beta…

  5. alex says:

    The only reason we don’t have iPhones is because Verizon gives us the best coverage where we live. We would switch the minute Apple partnered with Verizon. Until then there is always the Droid…

  6. Laura Pedersen says:

    I don’t know why any cell phone manufacturer would be exclusive to one carrier. Most carriers offer their own version of the manufacturer’s product. I am with verizon and would like an iphone but am not interested in switching carriers. I have been with them all and found that the customer service with Verizon far surpasses the others. Not too mention that when we have traveled around the country, Verizon is the one in the most places. Verizon is also less expensive than ATT so that’s a bonus. If Apple wants a larger, more loyal base, they’ll get out of the ATT contract. Forcing people to stay with one carrier for a particular phone is just bad business.

  7. Tom says:

    I have no idea why Apple hasn’t or won’t move the iPhone to Verizon. Everyone including AT&T knows how much AT&T’s network sucks. I would bet that 1/2 of all iPhones users would switch to Verizon if Apple would make an iPhones for Verizon. IMO, if Verizon and Apple don’t come to an agreement pretty quickly the iPhone will become just another phone. If Apple even announced that they were going to release a Verizon iPhone it would really hurt Google. Eventually Android will catch the iPhone if it hasn’t already and then the service provider become irrelavent. Verizon would sell so many iPhones they could afford to pay the ETF of any customers switching from AT&T.

  8. Daniel says:

    I fail to understand why Apple would reward AT&T with the iPhone when their service is so mediocre. I can’t wait until Verizon starts offering the iPhone. Although I would love to have the iPhone, I would never switch carriers to do so.

  9. Carlos says:

    For those that are complaining about verizon not getting the iPhone just get over it and join the 3.1 million of iPhone buyers that just joined AT&T the last 3 months. If you are a poor verizon user just change to a better custumer service oriented companie that does not believe that is all about them. If verizon could charge you because you are able to speak they would. Verizon is a companie that has many hidden charges… It\’s all about them… I have not had any problems with the service provided by AT&T.. Just let you all know that having an iPhone with AT&T service is awesome..

  10. Kelly says:

    I do not have and iPhone, however I am waiting for the day verizon has them. I was a Cingular customer from day one with dropped calls and inability to use my phone even in my own home. I had hoped the merge with AT&T would have helped but there wasnt any difference still poor service. I have been with Verizon since and although I do not have an iPhone, I would never consider switching. I never lose a call and I have great service. What an awesome combination it will be when it does occur!

  11. PJ says:

    I am a loyal verizon customer for over a decade. I type on my iPod touch and use an android htc eris. This is as close as I will be to having a iPhone. It’s a shame that my pockets are so full because I carry two devices. Maybe in two yrs, I can use my “new every two” for an iPhone.

  12. Michael says:

    Think people should stop making second guesses about iphone being available to VZW. I’m tired of seeing all these posts with senseless predictions and assumptions. No one knows anything except Apple and VZW, and until they make official announcement, please stop with all this useless wanna-be facts!

  13. tiffany says:

    i would really like verizon to have the iphone!!!! and my other question is, why can’t both companies have the iphone? i mean, why not encourage some competitiveness between at&t and verizon? of course the way they have been slammin eat other lately. yuk.

    i want an iphone, and i too have been waiting for verzion to get it!!! so come on apple! plse figure something out!!

  14. Robert says:

    “Dear Steve: it’s time to divorce AT&T. They have horrible coverage and refuse to acknowledge it.

    Why are you still in a bad relationship when Verizon is the one for you?”

    I love my iPhone but will move back to Verizon wireless and settle for a Droid, but I’m still praying that Apple releases an iPhone for Verizon.

  15. billy, are you retarded? y would apple choose to stay with at&t only for you when they have another 80 million people with verizon they can target. and carlos, you’re dumb too… i have verizon and have never had a hidden charge and they have great service. when i had at&t my calls always dropped and they overcharge, i mean hello? y would i pay $25 extra jus to have the damn iphones internet? thats a hidden charge that your dumbass is paying….

  16. Lee says:

    you know its funny to hear you all talking about this why wont apple give verizon the phone cry about it verizon doesnt have the iphone because the CDMA network can not pull voice and data at the same time and that is a requirement for the operation of the iphone’s os

  17. bob says:

    at&t sucks. i would have gotten an iphone last year if they were with verizon. the verizon map on their website is sooooooo accurate its not even funny

  18. Dan says:

    I had both Verizon and at&t with the idea to get an iPhone.
    With at&t, I was unable to make and receive calls at home with the at&t phone. With Verizon, clear reception. On the road, I was able to do my own side by side comparisons. Verizon is much better. After racking up over 10,000 rollover minutes, (because at&t coverage was so bad) I finally gave up on at&t.
    Painful spending over $1300.00 on a network that didn’t work for me.

  19. Kappy says:

    first, service is entirely dependent on your geographical location. Second, customer service is going to be good and bad on all carriers. Some reps will be nice and helpful, others will be shitheads. That is how retail is. I don\’t hate ATT, but I won\’t leave VZW for the iPhone. Plus, VZW has better coverage where I live. Third, I don\’t think we will see a VZW iPhone until 2012 (probably when ATT exclusivity runs out) unless it runs out this year and VZW gets one this year. I do NOT think Apple will make a CDMA only iPhone. It would a be a world iPhone or dual GSM/CDMA iPhone. I personally think they will make an LTE version for 2012. However, I could see an LTE iPad released this summer (or at least announced since VZW is releasing LTE in 30 markets this year and it will be used for data not voice) with an iPhone that works on LTE (for data) for the Christmas Holiday. I e-mailed VZW\’s LTE customer care from their LTE website and they informed me that CDMA will still be around for \”many years to come\”. Therefore, any LTE VZW iPhone will have to be backwards compatible with CDMA.

    The bottom line is if Apple is going to make a VZW iphone it will have to support CDMA. Apple will NOT make a CDMA only iPhone, but if they could use a dual GSM/CDMA chip I think they would. VZW is going to use CDMA for voice and LTE for data when LTE is launched for probably 3-5 years, possibly more. After that they will switch voice over to LTE as well. CDMA is an excellent technology for voice, better than GSM from what I have read.

    However, I too am waiting for the day I can get an iPhone on VZW or at least an android phone that is physically like the iPhone. I am not a big fan of the moto droid form factor.

  20. Jay says:

    I know several people who have AT&T and claim their service is horrible. I am a loyal Verizon customer. I’ve wanted the iPhone since it was released but I have no intentions of going to AT&T for it. Verizon is a much better network with many more customers nationwide. It seems like it would be common sense for Apple to go with Verizon. What’s the hold up!?

  21. Contented says:

    I got the Samsung R810C with 3G and And EVDO from Straight Talk who are on Verizon and i’s marvelous! I also got their $45.00pm unlimited calling, text and data deal which means over two yeas I will save $1500.00 over the cost of an I-phone, which is a lot of bucks

  22. kathleen says:

    I’m just waiting for Verizon to get the Iphone and I will switch. I will not use an Iphone on AT&T. I had AT&T for years and it sucked. Everything I’m hearing about the network clogs using the Iphone certainly doesnt make me want to spend my money on an Iphone to use on that network.
    Apple, make a CDMA phone. Let the IPhone work on any carrirer. Exclusivity is ridiculous.

  23. BinhM3 says:

    Apple should just release the Iphone to every carrier win win situation for everyone. Apple would make more money from selling Iphones that is available to all cerriers. Each Carrier could potentially keep there current customers and customers who likes to stay with their current provider dont have to switch. Some people dont use the full function on the Iphone so it doesnt matter to them if the bandwidth is slow or not. Im with Tmobile and an Iphone would be nice to have.

  24. Jeramie says:

    Monopoly! You should be able to have the Iphone on either network. It’s just good business. Within the past 6 months I have upgraded my phone and at the time was hoping that verizon would have had it by then, because I would have bought it. As well as several of my co-workers would have. Hopefully by my next upgrade then….

  25. frank says:

    AT&T should be a good candidate for a serious stock short. It seems they have poorly integrated and the different business units, Phone, cell, internet, uvue etc do not talk to each other or maybe can't talk to each other. I have been trying to port over phone lines for equipment reasons and they seem to be unable to do so. Each time I speak with someone and after going through umpteen phone prompts I end up with the navy salute and not even a kiss. I was given a conformation number and a deposit was taken 6 weeks ago yet still no phones! I do not understand!

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