Verizon iPhone Probability: Key facts and figures

So just what is the probability of AT&T losing exclusivity one the iPhone and Verizon actually gaining a CDMA version of the iconic iPhone? Apparently according to Credit Suisse not a lot of probability reports an article over on iphonehacks.

Jonathan Chaplin of Credit Suisse put out a rather lengthy 60 page report stating that the probability of AT&T losing exclusivity over the iPhone by the end of the year is 50 percent, but there is a 25 percent probability AT&T will keep exclusivity for another year.

Thus according to the analyst there is a 75 percent probability that the Big Blue will retain exclusivity over the iPhone throughout 2010 and AT&T is well placed to counter challenge Verizon.

He does go on to say that eventually Apple will sell the iPhone at all carriers but the probability of AT&T keeping exclusivity for another 12 to 18 months is great. So basically there is no Verizon iPhone on the horizon, which is a shame as it would be good for everyone concerned other than AT&T if Apple did open up the iPhone.


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