Google manage 80k Nexus One Sales in January, no iPhone killer yet

Well according to sales figures for the Google Nexus One superphone, it hasn’t been making super sales as the smartphone only shifted 20,000 in its debut week and for the rest of January continued along at the same rate bringing the total figure of Nexus One handsets sold to 80,000 reports mobiletor.

Basically this means that the much hyped Nexus One is no way an iPhone killer, at least not yet as when compared with other first month sales such as the Verizon Motorola Droid which shifted some 525,000 in its debut month, and the iPhone which shifted some 600,000 handset on its debut, the Nexus One falls somewhat short.

The 80,000 Nexus One handset sold for January comes via a Flurry report, and apparently Google’s lack of Nexus One advertising may have had something to do with such low sales.

It could also be that the customer issues with 3G along with the lack of customer support for the Nexus One also added to the low number of sales for the latest Android smartphone. One thing is for sure though; those figures won’t make the Nexus One an iPhone killer or even get near taking the iPhone throne.


2 thoughts on “Google manage 80k Nexus One Sales in January, no iPhone killer yet”

  1. Larry Martin says:

    A big problem is that there are NO Demo Nexus One, a.k.a. Google phones at the T-Mobile Stores. I’ve gone to one store twice. Was told that apparently they will not be getting one.

    Google is CLUELESS how to market and sell hardware. They think that they can sell their phone ONLY by web ads. Eventually, they will come to their senses. They’ll need to go find some Steve Jobs like Marketing guru to take over the sales of the Nexus One.

    People like to hold in their hands and try out a live Demo of a phone they are considering., especially expensive ones like the Nexus One.

  2. I love the Nexus one, watched all the youtube videos on how it works, and also looked at there website, and jsut fell in love with it.

    Yeah google no idea how to sell it, but here in the UK they have got Vodafone selling it, and soon tmobile and 3 selling it, so sales should be up in the UK.

    But to be honest sales at 80k is a good thing for something that hasnt been marketed very well. Also at the moment if you have one its like check it out, its amazing. Like when apple launched the iPhone, only very few people had it due to high price, i bet you the Nexus one will hit it off very soon.

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