Video: Google Nexus One vs. HTC HD2 Part 2

Well just after I posted the first part of the Nexus One vs. HTC HD2 dogfight video, the guys over at phonedog posted the second part of the dogfight, so I have that for your viewing pleasure below.

In the second part John continues with the smartphone comparison and this second video lasts almost eight minutes of Nexus One vs. HTC HD2 battle.

John says that he favours the Android operating system over Windows Mobile, but HTC Sense does add to the HTC HD2 experience and that although Android still needs some work, Windows Mobile is still unappealing.

Anyway, that’s enough of my babbling on, I’m sure you’d much rather check out the second part of the Google Nexus One verses the HTC HD2 dogfight, so hit it up below and enjoy.


One thought on “Video: Google Nexus One vs. HTC HD2 Part 2”

  1. Skanktastic says:

    I have use a G1 and I found this review quite unhelpful. I have been thinking about the HD2, but it is clear that the reviewer doesn’t know much about it as the vast majority of this video he is simply laying praise for the nexus without showing any of the strengths of Winmo side by side. I’ve had Winmo some time ago in the Dash and it can be quite powerful and much more so in a business setting…I just want to see what this platform has to offer.

    Like he said, it is personal preference, but that is all this video is….his personal preference. I’m having a tough time picking a new phone as I will be dropping serious cash and this does nothing to help. This is a great topic, but an, at least more, unbiased source would be welcome.

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