Videos: Nexus One: The Story Continues

We bring you up to date in the Making of the Google Nexus One video series today with the addition of three more videos for your viewing pleasure which can be viewed below courtesy of the guys over at engadget mobile.

The second instalment in this series covers the Nexus One OLED display and the 3D framework and lasts just over two and a half minutes. The third video takes in the testing of the Nexus One smartphone for nearly four minutes, including button testing, dropping, compression, and bending.

The third video takes us through HTC’s manufacturing of the Google Nexus One superphone and lasts almost three minutes where we get to see the Nexus One from start to finished product.

So without further ado I will simply let you hit up those video and learn more about the latest Android smartphone out of HTC and Google…enjoy.

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