HTC Incredible Captured on Video

Just how incredible the upcoming HTC Incredible smartphone really is remains to be seen, but the Android 2.1 packing HTC Incredible has been pictured and captured on video for your viewing pleasure and can be watched below.

The HTC Incredible is destined for the Big Red network and apparently runs, HTC Sense, and sports a Snapdragon processor, 3.5 or possibly 3.7 inch WVGA display which they say may be AMOLED according to sources.

The video of the HTC Incredible lasts just over the two minutes mark and comes courtesy of the guys over at pocketnow, and although the video isn’t quite as professional as we’d like, it does then to spend a bit of time viewing the leads, it does give a view of the HTC Incredible.

Notice the ‘HTC Confidential’ over the display, and the commentary is a tad difficult to follow except for the words, ‘that is so nice.’ Hit up the HTC Incredible video below and enjoy.

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