7 Million iPhone Users want Adobe Flash

Yep it’s back to the old no Adobe Flash on the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch again, and I’m quite sure by now everyone knows that Apple doesn’t want Adobe Flash on the iPhone or iPod Touch and it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks.

Well according to an article over on sfgate, it matters to 7 million iPhone/iPod Touch toting people out there who apparently in December attempted to download Adobe Flash to their iPhone or iPod Touch from Adobe.com.

7 million attempts to download Flash in December is more than twice the number of attempts back in June when 3 million attempts to download Flash onto the iPhone and iPod Touch from Adobe.com were made.

Of course Adobe is taking the stand that these figures clearly show that user’s of the iPhone and iPod Touch want to use Adobe Flash even though Apple will not support it, but 7 million attempts is quite a few attempts isn’t it. So iPhone readers, do you want to see Flash on the iPhone and iPod Touch?

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