Apple does Flash Crash? New HTML 5 makes debut

As most are aware, Adobe Flash doesn’t work on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, Apple simply doesn’t want Flash on their products and have no qualms about saying so, and thus it looks like Adobe Flash will never make it to the iPhone.

Most know that Adobe Chief Technology Officer Kevin Lynch had defended Flash on his Adobe blog, but a still unfixed bug continues to cause crashes in Flash. Lynch says they don’t ship Flash with bugs, and if there was such a widespread problem with Flash they wouldn’t be as widely used as it is today, reports an article over on tipb

However, I use Chrome and to be quite honest I have quite often also experienced Flash crashes, and the word is the same is experienced in Firefox and Safari and 16 months later the bug still hasn’t been fixed.

TUAW notes Matthew Dempsky who found the Flash Crash bug in Firefox, Chrome and Safari and if you hit up (here) there is a demo, but remember it will crash Firefox completely, and believe me it does, so maybe Apple is right not to allow Flash onto the iPhone.

On the subject of HTML5, SublimeVideo is the first HTML5 as far as we are aware, although it is still early days it works without a plug-in, allows you to jump to any point in a video, has robust controls, and doesn’t buffer until you tell it to, so maybe that’s why Apple want to go the HTML5 route and avoid Adobe Flash; HTML5 looks pretty good to me.


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  1. With BROGGCAST.com, I see 11 browsers with HTML5 video:

    Firefox (OGG)
    Swiftfox (OGG)
    SeaMonkey (OGG)
    Opera video (OGG on Windows/GStreamer on Linux)
    Google Chrome (OGG + H.264)
    Google Chrome Frame (OGG + H.264)
    Google Chromium (OGG)
    Arora (video version) (OGG)
    Midori (video version) (OGG)
    Safari (H.264) (add XiphQT OGGcodecs for OGG sites)
    Epiphany (with GStreamer on Linux)

    Chrome OS (OGG + H.264)
    Chromium OS (OGG)
    Silverlight HTML5, OGG rich media plug-in for IE

    When I started BROGGCAST.com, Flash was not an option.
    The positive side is, now there is another choice with video.

    when Flock and other Firefox variants get the newer 3.5 base,
    even more support for OGG HTML5-TV sites will be available.

    The two codecs available now, are OGG, and H.264.

  2. [fyi, resubmitted comment]

    Hi, you may have seen last week’s “Flash Crash!” story, but there was a weekend followup with more context:

    But it’s unlikely you had seen that bad file before. Chrome’s Windows support is more established than its Mac, but they’d like to know of reliable ways to make problems too.

    For your own troubleshooting, try this quick guide:


  3. Rob says:

    Funny, while watching the Sublime Video it crashed Chrome. Maybe video is just hard to make bug free and we should not jump off the tried and true flash to quickly. Are their any crash frequency tests available to allow a quantitative decision rather than all bluster with strong opinions based on our feelings toward Jobs?

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