Valentines Day plus 1 will see WebOS 1.4

That’s right you worked it out, apparently on the day after Valentines Day, that’s February 15th, WebOS 1.4 will apparently be released according to an article over on precentral whose forum member captured the document.

Apparently the forum member claims to be a Sprint technician for a Sprint store where the email dropped and the email shows that WebOS 1.4 will hit on the 15th for both the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi.

Having said that, this isn’t actual confirmation of WebOS 1.4 coming on the 15th of February as anyone can claim to be anyone with the web, but it does tie in nicely with rumoured release dates for the next version of WebOS.

So until we actually know the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi have gained WebOS 1.4 on the 15th we’ll treat this with a dose of salt for now.

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