Nokia N8-00 Superphone coming with 12MP camera Rumour

Sadly Nokia haven’t been that quick off the mark in relation to the speedy moves and changes going on in the smartphone world.

It would seem that Apple are still achieving the upper hand and despite the Nokia N900 being as cool as it is it hasn’t worked the miracles that they had hoped for.
Don’t be put off though even with their current issues you’d be silly to count them out.

According to Boy Genius reports, Tom’s Guide a French tech site has revealed some really interesting information on some cool upcoming handsets. There will be the C5 10 a qwerty handset which has been designed to compete with the BlackBerry and the N8-00 which is said to come crammed with a capacitive multitouch screen with 720p video capture and an amazing 12 megapixel camera.

The device will run on Symbian 3 and it is expected to be launched later this year in the summertime. It would appear that Nokia will be tailoring this device to compete with the new Apple iPhone. We may have a little while to wait as these are unconfirmed rumours but the company are not unveiling anything next week at the MWC. Source – i4u.com


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