Affordable LG Cookie KP500 cute compact touchscreen

A neat little affordable touchscreen phone. It has a soft casing and a nice clean 3 inch display. Its full of fun features including a 3 megapixel camera and motion games.

It will get your taste buds going just by looking at it, that’s mainly down to its curvy shape and optional paint job. It may be small but still packs a punch with its 3 inch touch screen and lots of fantastic features.

It responds nicely to your commands of taps and swipes and you have the stylus if you wish to use that instead. It auto rotates as well which means it’s comfortable any way it is held, and the internal motion sensor can be used when playing a whole range of fun games involving shaking and turning the device.

It has two home screens, both have a useful amount of widgets and mini applications It will give you instant access to the stuff you need to get to quickly like pictures, contacts email or social networks including Facebook. To find out more and how to get this cool phone free with a £10 per month contract simply visit carphonewarehpouse.com

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